Cadence Cyclery Group Rides

Saturday Morning Ride (SMR)

Our big road ride every Saturday morning from each shop, start time is 8:00 AM in winter months and 7:30 AM during summer. Call or check the Facebook page for the specific shop to double check the start time.

Note: If a ride is specified as a DROP RIDE that means that the group will not stop to collect riders that fall behind or get dropped. Getting dropped is a super fun part of cycling that you can lament about back at the shop with your buddies!


McKinney Shop Ride Details:

The McKinney shop has partnered with the Plano Bicycling Association for Saturday morning rides. Find the details at the link below:

Plano Bicycling Association Saturday Morning Ride Details

Below are the ride details for the SMR on August 9th 2014:

PT Ride (Pain Train….Physical Training)  This ride is 20+, drop, and 55-65 miles in length.

  • CAD (Country Air Drafting) 18-19 avg, no drop, and 45-55 miles in length.
  • CAD Lite 17-18 avg, no drop, 45-55 miles in length.  Led by Kristi Manley
  • Fred’s Ride 15-16 avg, no drop, 45-65 miles in length.  Designed to be slow avg but longer distance.
  • The Snug Ride 14-15 avg, no drop, 25-30 miles in length.

Monday Night Ride (MNR)

The Monday night mountain bike ride at Erwin Park in McKinney at 6pm. This ride covers the entire 8.2 mile trail and has frequent stops along the way to allow the group to rejoin with each other.

Highland Village Shop Rides:

Saturday Morning Ride (MNR)

During the winter months [ November – TBD ] the following ride is in effect:

Start Time: 8:00AM

Distance: 65 miles

Pace: Base pace of 18-19 MPH average.



Highland Village has 3 ride groups A, B, and C.

  • A group is a 30 plus mile ride at a 20 MPH average pace. DROP RIDE.


  • B group is ~30 mile ride at 17-18 MPH average pace. DROP RIDE. However, this ride tends to split into a B and B+ ride with the B ride becoming a no drop ride and the B+ group picking up the pace.


  • C group is a 10 plus mile casual no-drop ride that usually averages 13-15mph.


Lifetime Monday Night Recovery Ride

Leaves from Cadence Cyclery of Highland Village at 6:15pm. Recovery pace for approximately 20 miles.
Perfect recovery ride from the weekend or new cyclist ride!

Tuesday Women’s Only Ride

Leaves from Cadence Cyclery of Highland Village at 6pm. No drop ride, approximately 25 miles.

Tuesday at Northshore

This ride is not happening during the winter months.

Tuesday afternoons at Northshore Trail off lake Grapevine in Flower Mound. Starts at the MADD Shelter inside of Murrell Park at 6pm.
All skill levels invited.