Cadence Cyclery Group Rides

Saturday Morning Ride (SMR)

Our big road ride every Saturday morning from each shop, start time is 8am in winter months and 7am during summer.

McKinney has three groups, the A, B and C group.
Highland Village has 2 groups, the A and B ride

  • A group is a 30 plus mile ride at  20+mph. This is a drop ride.
  • B group is a 20 plus mile ride at 17+mph. This is a drop ride.
  • C group is a 10 plus mile no-drop ride that usually averages 13-15mph.

Monday Night Ride (MNR)

The Monday night mountain bike ride at Erwin Park in McKinney at 6pm. This ride covers the entire 8.2 mile trail and has frequent stops along the way to allow the group to rejoin with each other.

Thursday at Northshore

Thursday afternoons at Northshore Trail off lake Grapevine in Flower Mound. Starts at the MADD Shelter inside of Murrell Park at 3pm.